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The Contract

Your life experience

is the sum of your contracts!

Professionally. Personally. Cultural. Spiritual.

The Contract by Helene Philipsen Unlearn



I hope everything about that sentence turns you on... "re-negotiating a meaningful life on your terms" because that is exactly what most of us long for, yet struggle to bring to fruition.

And what is that about?


It's that recurring feeling. It's that looping thought. And those situations that keep happening in your life, where you go "I want this to change".


But they don't. And neither do you. 


Even though you are both ressourceful, driven, focused and highly intelligent.


Old contracts will block you. And invisibly so.

They will stop change or growth dead in it's tracks. And we will, much to our frustration, subconsciously honor the mental and emotional agreements we have made over time - until we re-negotiate them!

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What is a Contract?

We enter contracts from birth and onwards in life. A contract will define the space  - or freedom - you have to operate within in a particular setting or relation. It influences how you think, feel, speak and behave.

Contracts are often unspoken and subconscious agreements, serving as your internal guideline in life. 

Imagine a contract being like a dance where the steps have been previously agreed to. The agreement can be a personal one, like in a family or partnership. It can be professional in your team or organisation. Or even a cultural one in the society you are a part of.

In a contract, we have a designated part to play. It's the ways that things are, and are not done, in order to sustain the interpendence and dynamic we have non-verbally committed to. This can sometimes create feelings of frustration, desperation and suffocation.


When you try to go in a new direction or choose a different rythm, it has a consequence. Suddenly there's a discord and it feels difficult to tap into a new flow. It will often feel like confusion and a bit of a struggle. At this point, our amazing old brains will come to our rescue and guide us back into the flow we know. Recognition equals safety.

And you are back where you started.

Understanding what contracts are at play in your life, leads to new opportunities for growth and freedom. With awareness and guidance they can be transformed at will.

You can release yourself, and others, by re-negotiating the contracts that no longer serve you and guide you towards the vision you hold of your future.

What is a contract?
forretning Handshake

How do I know?

(if I would benefit from doing contract work)

Honestly, most of us benefit from a good spring cleaning inside and out. It's all part of growing and expanding as human beings, and leaves us better, stronger and more focused.


But there are some clear signs and symptoms of being stuck in one or multiple contracts that no longer serve you. The most obvious one being that you feel stuck, in doubt or can't seem to achieve what you want in life or at work.

Look out for the reccurance of the same problematic situation or challenge.  This could unfold as the same type of conflict or frustration emerging often, repeat financial issues, ongoing relationship struggles or career plateau'ing. 

Symptoms can also be stress, conflicted thoughts & feelings and a deep longing for more.


Classical signs: 

  • Feeling stuck

  • Experiencing succes blocks

  • Repeat challenges

  • Strong inner critic

  • Trying to "figure it out"

  • Demanding more of yourself

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How do I kow

"Later... maybe much later in life.

Certain things will stand out in your memory.

Like that one day, when you made a decision to change something for yourself, and took the first step towards it. 


You will remember it as the beginning of a life-defining journey.

And you will not be able to imagine your life without it!"

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Your contracts can be

Professional.  Personal.  Cultural.  Spiritual.

Living with outdated contracts(as most of us do) will manifest in one or more of these areas in your life:

How it manifests


Repetitive thinking. Stuck in inner dialogue. Missing clarity. Critical self-talk. Lacking connection to inate self.


Feeling unfulfilled. Avoiding unpleasant emotions. High/Low shifts, missing balance. Exageration of, or withdrawal of emotional response.


Reactive rather than creative. Stuck in old behaviours or old "me". Conflicts and/or pleasing & avoidance.


Over/under stimulated. Symptoms of illbeing like aches, fatigue, sleep trouble, weight issues, returning infections. Lack of, or overtraining.

The Contract by Helene Philipsen Unlearn


The way we work is through ongoing check-ins, sessions, personal guidance and a flow of exercises tailored to your specific needs and capacity.

As we "travel" and explore together key contracts will reveal themselves and we will addres the ones that are meaningful to your particular desired outcome.

This is a very personalized proces that differs alot from a classical weekly visit to the coach's office.  What makes your journey with us so unique, is that we are here to guide you every step of the way.

You'll have acces to input and support when you need it. Believe us, it makes all the difference - in both the short term experience - and the long term result!

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Your Journey
Contacts cn be

The Contract

"The Contract" is our tailormade process created for self-leaders who want more in life.


If you want to clear your blocks, strengthen your inate ability to suceed & thrive, then this is for you!


Working with yourself will always improve your general wellbeing, clarity and balance, both within yourself and in the outside world.


But honestly, we want more. 

Why live with blocks that can be removed, even if they are common? Why be held back by the subconscious, when we can bring it to light? Why have old contracts governing your choices and thought processes?

Areas of your life that will benefit:

Your carreer. Your personal sense of freedom. Your relationships. Your physicality.

You will achieve greater:

Mental clarity. Emotional mastery. Thought control. Boundary-setting. Spiritual capital.

Together we will strenghten your access to: 

  • Clarity & priorities

  • Your inner compass

  • Sense of purpose

  • Inner & outer balance 

  • (Self)Leadership toolbox

Se the program details below ...

Your Outcome
The Contract by Helene Philipsen Unlearn

Your Details

The Contract is one of our signature programs designed with your highest outcome in mind. We built it using our proprietary framework based on 20+ years of experience within the fields of psychology, coaching, mental & physical health and behavioural science.

During your journey with us, you will benefit from:

  • A completely personalized 1:1 process

  • Unlimited sessions. Live or digitally.

  • Daily check-ins per your need

  • Our proprietary exercises

3 months:

Your investment = 10.000 USD

6 months:

Your investment = 25.000 USD

9 months:

Your investment = 30.000 USD

To get started, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. We'll be in touch and you are on your way...

"I would like a Clarity Call"
Please fill out the form below. We would love to hear from you and will get back to you within 48 hrs.
Your clarity call is an oportunity to see if it's a good match and if you feel confident that we can achieve your desired outcome together.
Cause that's what it's all about!
Woot Woot, we celebrate your courage in coming thus far!
Welcome to Unlearn.
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Get Started

Your Specialist

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My name is Helene. I am a coach & counsellor based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


I coach and work with private individuals, corporations and public offices around the globe.

In our proprietary 1:1 programs, my colleagues and I, are blessed to be working with absolutely amazing men and women who are passionate about mental & emotional freedom, so that they can thrive, be happy and achieve whatever they put their minds to.

My training and education in psychology, Recovery + 10xCoaching, blends perfectly with my personal and professional passion for, and expertise in behavioural science and the human transformational journey.


I am also a TEDx and keynote speaker.

My personality is colorful and refreshingly honest.

I'm intuitive, expressive and engaging. 


You can expect me to:

* Generate solutions that surprise you and quickly solve problems with fresh new perspectives.

* Encourage and support you in breaking old habits, choosing new unexplored paths and creating warm emotional bonds - to yourself and others.

* Be authentic, compassionate, inspirational and powerful. There'll be no “band-aid for a bullet wound” symptom-focus but rather a caring attention to the root causes of the challenges or success blocks you face.

* Be your partner and guide, providing the support and attention that will make all the difference in  your commitment to this journey.

* Deliver the tools and skillsets needed to fully integrate an updated mindset and state of being, long term!

Yor Specialist
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