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We are a team creating a community. We care about connection and coherence. We believe in theory and experience.

Every single one of us walks our talk in both our personal and professional lives. Which puts us in the unique position to deliver transformation, rather than just information.


Chief Recovery Officer & Founder


I'm a consultant, coach and counsellor specialized in self-leadership and recovery. I'm passionate about psychology, human growth hacking and the unlearn method that I developed and have applied in my work for nearly a decade now. 

As a TEDx speaker on mental health and former radiohost & co-producer I value "ideas worth spreading" and have co-authored several books and has published guides on stress, emotional eating, addictive patterns and codependency

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Chief Medical Officer & Partner

Dr Andrea Pennington Profile Photo.jpg

I'm an American medical doctor and meditation teacher specialized in burnout recovery and building resilience.


I'm also a complete science nerd and the one that make sure that we are always updated on and using the latest trends and research in stress physiology and neuroscience.

Currently producing a documentary film about resilience to showcase how everyone has the innate capacity to heal, recover and thrive after the drama and trauma of life subsides. 3 xx TEDx speaker on mental health.

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Chief Technical Officer

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I'm an experienced CTO and tech advisor. In 2012 I founded and have since worked on a large number of both American and global tech projects. In Unlearn I'm in charge of our App developments and tech projects involving AI and coding. I oversee and guide our coding teams from idea to delivery. I value quality and efficiency in management.

(Since I'm deep in tech projects most of the time, you can contact me through our customer service).

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Head of Diversity

Lau Albjerg Unlearn.jpg

I come from an international career in marketing and brand management across some of the world’s most well known brands.


My corporate background combined with my training as a cognitive behavioral coach, makes me a great partner for companies and individual clients looking to bring positive meaningful change to their organisation. I'm passionately engaged in the Diversity & Inclusion agenda as well as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Instructor & Coach

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It's my mission to make meditative practises uncomplicated, very straightforward and enjoyable.


hold various degrees within my fields of expertise: MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), Mindful-Self-Compassion and meditation. I have many years' of experience as a teacher, and counsellor for college students dealing with difficult - often stress-related - situations during their studies. Today I teach adults in and outside of the workplace.

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Customer service & Support


I'm passionate about meeting and working with people from all walks of life - and providing great service - whether it's digitally or personally. My goal is to become an amazing concierge at a hotel one day. I support our office, our clients and App users and I am always ready to do my best if you need assistance.

It matter to me that you have a awesome experience.

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