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From Sexism to Respectism; Creating working cultures of safety and respect, where employees thrive, create and engage.




Unlearn values respect for all - regardless of gender, sexual orientation, and body size. 

We believe that fundamental change comes from within.  

We therefore offer training seminars that not only create a set of external do’s and don’ts - we help you create profound culture change that lasts.


We do that by assisting you in creating a common language for talking about sexism & gender equality. 


The Unlearn Sexism & Gender Equality and Diversity & Inclusion Assessments provides you with a comprehensive report.


Do you know what and how to ask?


We help teams and leaders navigate and learn.


We offer a variety of seminars, workshops and online training. Both IRL and online.

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Inspirational talks on culture, sexism and communication are a hot topic at the moment.

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The Unlearn Sexism Assessment provides you with a comprehensive report mapping:


  1. The here and now experience of discrimination & harassment in the team or organization.

  2. The known consequences of discrimination & harassment in the team or organization.

  3. The awareness/knowledge of sexism & harassment in the team or organization

  4. The challenges experienced by team leaders in connection with lack of direction, confidence, and clarity in regards to leading teams in a gender-equal and inclusive manner.

  5. Solutions; recommendations and delivery.


~ Respectisme ~

A word made up by Lucy Vittrup to inspire humans and organizations to practice high regard for others - and oneself.


We offer a variety of formats that we deliver in English, Danish, Spanish, - both online and IRL. 


Training seminars can be live-streamed for your convenience. Together we design a training seminar that suit your leaders and their teams, no matter what part of the globe or the organisation they operate from.

All the training seminars are focused on giving you tools for a profound culture change that leads you to practice respectism in all areas of your organization - the 1 and 2-day training seminars will also result in a communication contract co-created with the attendees.



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Lucy is a half Colombian - half Danish consultant, speaker, and trainer. She has lived in 7 countries and speaks 5 languages. For over two decades, Lucy has taught and studied sexuality and the way we handle it personally, as professionals, and in the public space and is an established thought leader within her field of expertise.


As a popular debater and expert source, she is continuously featured in all major Danish media. Lucy is a published author, co-author of a coaching anthology, written hundreds of articles, and has hosted both podcasts and her television show in Colombia. 


A pioneer in her field, Lucy also brought Personal and High-Performance Coaching to the Danish television industry, including shows like X-Factor and Dancing with the Stars. She initiated the host coaching program for DR, Danish National Broadcasting Company.

Skip the line and email your consultant directly:

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Creating working cultures of safety and respect, where employees thrive, create and engage

The training seminar From Sexism to Respectism is offered to companies that want to eliminate sexism and sexual harassment in the workplace and create a culture of respect and engagement.



This training aims to ensure that you create a solid cultural foundation of respect and thriving that eliminates the breeding ground for sexism & sexual harassment in your corporate culture.   


According to the Working Environment Act, it is stated that ‘When performing the work, it must be ensured that the work does not entail a risk of physical or mental health deterioration as a result of bullying, including sexual harassment.

It is the employer's responsibility to prevent sexism and sexual harassment in the workplace - at the right time and in the right way.

When we want to ensure a culture in the workplace that ensures both well-being and security in relation to sexism and sexual harassment, the (Danish) Working Environment Authority recommends workplaces to “Create common and well-known norms, values and guidelines for the behavior that is expected in the workplace and for the behavior that is not tolerated. ”


It is our goal to thoroughly equip leaders and their teams to create clear common norms, values, and guidelines at a fundamental cultural level.

We will not only create relevant codes of conduct for your specific organization, that everyone can feel comfortable with, but also help you become aware of markers for and create an environment where employees thrive, create and engage - while they feel safe and respected regardless of body, gender, and sexual orientation.

Optional additional products

  • Assessment & report

  • 1: 1 Mentoring & Coaching for key employees

  • Corporate video that positively communicates norms and values

Duration: 2 days

Sexism Respectism
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