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~ Did you know ~

That up to 89% of female professionals regularly experience feelings of emotional stress, unhappiness or imposter syndrom?

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How are you doing?

In our efforts to get more out of life... many of us end up with less!

We give more effort, performance, helpfulness... but have an inner feeling of less, loss or frustration.

We invest mentally, emotionally and physically in work, business, family and belongings, but rarely in ourselves. 

Most of us have insured the s*** out of every thinkable scenario in our outer world, like accidents, theft, fire, floods and retirement.

Yet, the only thing we are all guaranteed to deal with in life, is personal challenge and change.

(Career transitions, divorce, illness, personal loss, financial struggles and so many more.)


Window of Oportunity

So, with what we know of life, why don't we as people and organizations, target and prioritize investments in me, me, me?

Oooh the answers are many.

And we (the men and women of Unlearn) have lived the majority of them ourselves. Perhaps you'll recognize some of these...


"We're too busy"

"I feel guilty about asking for/spending that kind of money"

"What would my colleagues think?"

"If I just pull myself together I can do it"

"Will it reflect poorly on me?"

"I tried before, it didn't work"

"It's not that bad really"


You are the Glue

The magic holding everything that matters to you together is - and always will be - you and your personal wellbeing.

Yes. I said it.

You are the magic sauce. The secret ingredient.


Whether it's your career blossoming and expanding, your family and kids thriving, your health supporting a long and good life, or fulfilling and healthy relations:


it. is. all. about. you.

You doing good inside. You knowing how to create balance in give-and-take. You having an easy-to-access skillset to cope with life, when life happens... and it does.

Take my word for it.

Simply put, we need to invest in, and buy into the insurance of our own inner wellbeing, resilience and strength. 


It's the investment of a lifetime for both organizations and individuals.

Abstract palm hands touching brain with


Streghtening our Self-Leadership is about becoming better custodians of ressources, internal and external.

It's about unlearning what doesn't serve us anymore and it's about stacking up the tools and skills that enables us to be, or become the version of ourselves we truly want to be.

And in case you were wondering, none of us were born with these skills. We learn when it's time.

This is for you, if


It's Time


Psychological Wellbeing


Emotional Mastery

Stregnthen your 

Physical Health


Coping Strategies


Trigger identification

Train Symptom

Recognition Skills




Assertive Communication

Get Ninja level


Rejser i udlandet


The way we work is through ongoing check-ins, sessions, personal guidance and a flow of exercises tailored to your specific needs and capacity.

As we "travel" and explore together key topics will reveal themselves and we will addres the ones that are meaningful to your particular desired outcome.

This is a very personalized proces that differs alot from a classical monthly visit to the therapists office.  What makes your journey with us so unique, is that we are here to guide you every step of the way.


You'll have acces to input and support when you need it. Which makes all the difference - in both the short term experience - and the long term result!

What sets us apart?

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What no longer serves you

To become who we truly want, and need to be to thrive personally and professionally, we need to unlearn all the stuff that was never ours in the first place. Or the stuff that we, like the human magnets we are, have picked up along the way in the form of thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We destill the essence of what is yours and what is purposeful.

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Importance and potential

The immense power that lies in taking ownership of your lived experience is undeniable. It's the stuff that dreams are made of because it holds the both freedom and the connection most of us so deeply long for.

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Access to support & guidance

We give you unlimited on-demand support because we know how important it is to get feedback when you need it and as many accountability check-ins as you may need, to stay in the process and remain focused on you!

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Results and freedom coming your way

It's not about changing yourself, leaving people behind or turning your world upside down - it's about personal growth and expansion - and the results are remarkable. We have the testimonials to prove it.


The entire proces will be lead and tailored by your specialist. This program is only available by direct contact with us, this is to ensure that the match is right for all.


Starting date: by apointment

Duration: 4-6 months

Investment: 25.000 USD

Contact us for a clarity call or with any questions you might have via the button below. We look forward to hearing from you.


Your Specialist

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My name is Helene and I am a life transformation specialist & behavioral science nerd, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


I work with private individuals, corporations and public offices around the globe.

In our proprietary 1:1 programs, I am blessed to be working with absolutely amazing women(and select men) worldwide, who are passionate about mental & emotional freedom, so that they can thrive, be happy and achieve whatever they put their minds to.

My training and education in psychology, Recovery- and 10xCoaching, blends perfectly with my personal and professional passion for, and expertise in the human transformational journey. I am also a TEDx and keynote speaker.

My personality is loving, colorful, laughing-out-loud and refreshingly honest. I'm intuitive, expressive and engaging. 


You can expect me to:

Generate solutions that surprise you and quickly solve problems with fresh new perspectives.

Encourage and support you in breaking old habits, choosing new unexplored paths and creating warm emotional bonds - to yourself and others.

Be authentic, compassionate, inspirational and powerful. There'll be no “band-aid for a bullet wound” symptom-focus but rather a caring attention to the root causes of the challenges or success blocks you face.

Be your partner and guide, providing the support and attention that will make all the difference in  your commitment to this journey.

Deliver the tools and skillsets needed to fully integrate an updated mindset and state of being, long term!

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Your clarity call is an oportunity to see if it's a good match and if you feel confident that we can achieve your desired outcome together.
Cause that's what it's all about!
Woot Woot, we celebrate your courage in coming thus far!
Welcome to Unlearn.
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