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Personal Leadership + Stress management + Neuro-feedback 

Rewired to Thrive is a leading-edge personalalized coaching and development process tailored to, and for you. 

We combine the magic of coaching, the science of the high-performance mind and brain-wave development


Sessions, meditations and exercises are specially developed to lead you to achieve the heightened mental state referred to as the Awakened Mind.


Having the freedom and capacity to choose how you show up in life. Both professionally and privately. Here are some examples:


  1. You’re presenting to your Board of Directors or sales team and you want to be calm, clear minded, confident, composed, in control and connected to the information you prepared.

  2. In a brainstorm session with your team you want to be good at problem solving, focused, in touch with all of your senses and intuition, creativity and able to pay attention, take in and process information and come up with new ideas.

  3. While resolving interpersonal conflict you want to be calm, cool, connected to your heart of compassion, empathetic, non-reactive and steady.

  4. While writing a book or designing a new program you want to be open minded, focused, clear headed, creative, in flow and with access to inspiration.

Support healthy of the brain concept des


The work of pioneering biophysicist and Zen master, C. Maxwell Cade and his protegee, Anna Wise, contributed widely to the field of neurofeedback with their leading edge research on EEG brainwave mapping.


Over the past three decades, Wise has measured the brain-wave patterns of spiritual teachers, high-performing businessmen, athletes, and other highly creative and productive individuals. She discovered that, during periods of peak mental awareness and clarity, they all exhibited a specific brain-wave pattern in which the four categories of brain waves—alpha, beta, theta, and delta—combined in a distinct configuration.


Research and training programs have made it possible for non-yogis, aka ordinary people like us, to dive into a method for enhancing the mind and body on so many levels.


Brainwave training empowers us to develop mastery of the state of consciousness as well as the content of our minds. Anna Wise defined mastery as “being in the state you want to be in, when you want to be there, knowing what to do with that state, and being able to accomplish it.”


Neuro Feedback 

Your top 8 benefits of doing the brainwave training, using the Mind Mirror EEG machine:

  1. Managing stress better

  2. Faster recovery from overwork, travel and stress periods.

  3. Access to intuition

  4. Increased vitality, better mood, more compassion

  5. Transformation of unhealthy patterns and the ability to release mind blocks with ease

  6. Greater sense of self-directed growth and mastery

  7. Access to higher states of consciousness on demand

  8. Increased spiritual connection & deep reassurance 

Thrive Development Proces

The top 8 benefits of your bespoke transformational coaching: 

  1. Psychological well-being

  2. Emotional mastery

  3. Symptom recognition skills

  4. Updated coping strategies

  5. Trigger identification

  6. Assertive communication

  7. Healthy boundaries

  8. Spiritual capital



The entire proces will be lead and tailored by your specialists. This program is only available by direct contact with us, this is to ensure that the match is right for all.


Starting date: by apointment

Duration: 6 months

Investment: 35.000 USD

Contact us for a clarity call or with any questions you might have via the button below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Your Specialists

Webinar headshot single.png



Helene is a consultant, coach and counsellor from Copenhagen, Denmark.


She is specialized in personal leadership development and is passionate about psychology and human growth hacking and the unlearn method that she has developped and applied in her work for nearly a decade now.

Dr Andrea Pennington Profile Photo.jpg



Andrea is an American medical doctor and meditation teacher who specializes in burnout recovery and building resilience.


She is also a science nerd and the one that makes sure that we are always updated on and using the latest trends and research in stress physiology and neuroscience.

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