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Career Coaching



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...then please watch a youtube video.


We are here, to help you with real tangible growth, that gets you excited about life.


Take this great opportunity to be guided into more clarity and peel back a couple of the layers that may be blurring your vision. Learn to tap into your skills and activate your inate wisdom.


More you, more clarity = Better decisions!​​

~ The Spotlight  ~

Identify the competencies that contribute to your success, things that may be getting in your way, and how you can grow and drive expansion.

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  • Build a fast track to inner clarity

  • Uncover or reconnect to your purpose

  • Clear out success-blocks

  • Own your potential

  • Focus on your ressources and abilities

  • Learn stress management and prevention


Then we are a good match so far. 


If you, in return would like your coach to:

* Help you generate solutions and solve problems with fresh new perspectives.

* Support you in breaking old habits.


* Encourage you to take new unexplored paths and create warm emotional bonds - to yourself and others.

* Be authentic, compassionate, inspirational and powerful.

* Be your partner and guide and provide the support and attention that will make all the difference in your commitment to this journey.

* Deliver the tools and skillsets needed to fully integrate an updated mindset and state of being, long term!

Well, then we are potentially talking a bonafide match made in heaven!

If you want to

~ The Compass  ~

Strenghten your access, to the inner sense of direction always available to you, once reconnected.

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Let us look at your journey...


The way we work is through ongoing check-ins, sessions, personal guidance and a flow of exercises tailored to your specific needs and capacity.

As we "travel" and explore together key topics will reveal themselves and we will addres the ones that are meaningful to your particular desired outcome.

This is a very personalized proces that differs alot from a classical fortnightly visit with a coach. What makes your journey with us so unique, is that we are here to guide you every step of the way.


You'll have acces to input and support when you need it. Which makes all the difference - in both the short term experience - and the long term result!

Your Journey

~ The Anchor  ~

Become crystal clear on what your values are, and how they serve you in the daily, so you can rely on them to guide you through whatever doubts and challenges you may have.


The entire proces will be lead and tailored by your coach. This program is only available by direct contact with us, this is to ensure that the match is right for all. 


We built our career coaching program using our proprietary framework based on 20+ years of experience within the fields of psychology, coaching, mental & physical health and behavioural science.

Starting date: by apointment

You will benefit from:

  • A completely personalized 1:1 process

  • Unlimited sessions. Live or digitally.

  • Daily check-ins per your need

  • Our proprietary exercises

3 months:

Your investment = 7.500 USD

6 months:

Your investment = 15.000 USD

9 months:

Your investment = 22.500 USD

To get started, send an email to to book a clarity call.


Your Coach





My name is Helene. I am a coach & counsellor based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


I coach and work with private individuals, corporations and public offices around the globe.

In our proprietary 1:1 programs, my colleagues and I, are blessed to be working with absolutely amazing men and women who are passionate about mental & emotional freedom, so that they can thrive, be happy and achieve whatever they put their minds to.

My training and education in psychology, Recovery + 10xCoaching, blends perfectly with my personal and professional passion for, and expertise in behavioural science and the human transformational journey.


I am also a TEDx and keynote speaker.

My personality is colorful and refreshingly honest. I'm intuitive, expressive and engaging. 

Coaching and counselling is available in danish, english and french.

Your Coach
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