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We facilitate expansion, personal leadership, and culture change for leaders and their teams.


We are dedicated to helping our clients unlearn the mental structures, emotional programming and behavioural patterns that no longer serve the greater good - of the company or its people - in order to rewire and relearn what does.

When collaborating we have your company’s purpose and values as a fundamental part of the design of any program.

We are experienced consultants within the following fields of expertise:

Our Why


Kolleger, der arbejder sammen

It is our mission to serve, empower and inspire leaders and their teams to create healthy and future-ready working cultures where people grow, thrive, perform and engage.

It is important for us to actively take part, in facilitating the change we want to see in the world.

We believe in operating from a genuine place of giving, rather than taking and it is a core value for us, to connect and unite, rather than divide. 


We live in a time of significant global challenges affecting both organisations and individuals strongly. Providing the essential tools to create balance, resilience and wellbeing, has never been more important.




Being a small global company with both a live and digital platform, gives us great flexibility. We offer set programs and courses, as well as a variety of modalities tailored to your needs. 

These are the primary ways in which we can work together:

Intenssive 1:1


Inspirational Talks

Customized App



Doctor checking brain testing result wit

Yes, it is true. We rave about our method and our work.

Because IT works.


We live in a world largely dominated by the quick-fix, band-aid approach to symptoms rather than solutions to root causes. That’s why we are so excited to be offering an approach to both challenges and desires for expansion, that consists of real substance and facilitates real transformation and long term results. 


As our founder Helene Philipsen says, "You can not build a house, upon a house." More often than not, we need to unlearn what no longer serves us, or downright blocks us - and rewire our system to relearn what does.


Over time we all accumulate values, thinking patterns, feelings and behaviours that aren't even our own. It starts as early as in childhood where we adopt the rules of the tribe, our survival depends upon. This is normal and part of the conditions of being a human. As adults, we have the agency, power and possibility to clean house and build what is aligned with where and how we want to be in the world.


What we at Unlearn bring to the table is a method that allows you to discover and unplug from the the blocks, blindspots and coping strategies that often leave us stressed, frustrated, unhappy and which governs our choices and behaviour in life.


Our consultants are trained and experienced in a variety of modalities including but not limited to; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Coaching, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Neurofeedback, Stress Physiology, Meditation, Addiction Recovery and Positive Psychology.

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